Andrew Hargreaves Design
Rally Health / UnitedHealthcare

As Rally's Design Director for mobile applications I began the mobile efforts of the company from scratch. I designed experiences and created working prototypes with Swift and Xcode. Additionally, I recruited and managed a team of 5 designers.


After leading the initial design of Rally's first two apps and transitioning into a leadership role for the mobile team I worked on many “future vision” concepts to help conceptualize “what's next?“ for Rally's mobile design language and interaction patterns. Along with UI designs I coded several data visualizations and input controls with Swift and Xcode.



Rally Care was our native app solution for UnitedHealthcare's web based tools to find medical professionals and facilities, and discover cost for procedures. I designed the app by transforming the web based interaction patterns into mobile best practices. Post acquisition by UnitedHealthcare we rebranded the app with UHC's brand and color treatments.


I designed and heavily prototyped Rally's first mobile application, internally referred to as Rally Engage. It provided tools for users to join healthy habit “Missions”, track their progress, earn virtual coins, and redeem those coins for physical products.

Swift Animations + Screens
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